Welcome to Auroom Art!

We are thrilled to announce the launching of our Gallery that is dedicated to build the bridge between Central Asia and the global art world. 

A developing art market of Central Asia has surprisingly much to offer: from extraordinary paintings of pre-revolutionary Russia that were quietly shipped off to Kazakhstan by Moscow galleries in the hope they would be far enough away to survive the predations of Stalin's art policy and art of avant-garde artists who were themselves forced to Kazakhstan in the mid 1930s, to a unique contemporary art that started forming since Russian exiles survived by teaching in various art schools and so inspired a new generation of ethnically Kazakh artists who, from the 1960s onwards, developed a Kazakh school of art, which, according to Christie's, prized: "flatness, monumentality of form, unity of colour and drawing, and symbolism."

The art of Kazakhstan today is characterised by bold colours, freedom of expression and brilliantly executed juxtaposition of exotic nomad subjects, monumentality of form and concept. 

Incredible photography, installations, fascinating performances and video, high quality two dimensional art - discover the best of contemporary art of Central Asia with AuroomArt gallery!

Looking forward for your feedback and to our future cooperation!